What's My Pleasanton CA Home Worth? 

Getting the current market value on your home in Pleasanton takes a lot more work than a computer generated estimated value that may or may not have any bearing on what the market will dictate. We see all the time, homeowners who think their home is worth a certain number because of an auto generated report. In most cases, they are not to be relied upon as a true value of your home.

After I look at the inside and outside of your property I go back to my office to start crunching numbers. I look at what an appraiser would look at in terms of closed sales near you, pending sales, actives and also the expired listing properties. Those tell me a lot. The automated market value reports do not take the expired properties and cancelled properties into consideration for value. I will explain more in detail when I meet with you. ​

I had previously sold a home in Brentwood listing with another real estate company. The home stalled on the market for months as we chased the housing prices down, down and down. It was a very disappointing experience. This time I was not going to make the same mistake. I interviewed several realtors to represent me in the sale of my home. Rhonda Fee immediately stood out from the crowd. She clearly was head and shoulders above the other professionals in her field. Rhonda explained the importance of "pricing your home properly" from the get go. She also took the time to really explain the market in my area with supporting comps. I felt very comfortable with my listing price. Within a month, my home was sold! Rhonda's knowledge and professionalism I believe, make her an expert in her field.This why I offer my highest recommendation for Rhonda Fee to represent you in the sale of your home!!

Linda L

Are you looking for a REALTOR® who understands how to prepare your investment property for sale when you are not living in Pleasanton?  I have helped countless absentee owners in getting their investment properties, rental properties, second homes... all ready for the market. I am teamed up with local repair men, contractors, designers, landscapers, plumbers, roofers and housecleaners to get your property ready to sell. We all know it is not always a cake walk to sell a property with tenants who many not be amiable to homes showings. This is why we do many of our showings on the internet and through periscope or skype for your buyers' convenience as well as the tenants'. 

Your home in Pleasanton CA is an important investment. Whether you want to sell your house because you want to retire to another place in the country or you want to downsize because your kids are now getting out of college, perhaps you are retiring and want to cash in on your investments for these later years... whatever the reason is you are entertaining the decision to sell your property, now is the best time to call me.  You can reach me: 925-200-0827. Our call is confidential. 

Keep on reading to find out how we come up with your Pleasanton Home Value:

What’s the Best Way To Find My Home’s Value?

I will show you how most of the online home value estimators, though convenient and easy, are not always accurate and reliable in terms of their results.

It’s a fact that selling your Pleasanton home for sale is not an easy as it may appear. 

First of all, you’ll have to know the real estate market around your home and area. Is the real estate business booming or is it quiet at the moment? There are so many technicalities involved in the process of estimating the equity of your Pleasanton property before you actually arrive at a rough estimate of it’s value.

If you are a homeowner and struggling with this problem, you most likely started your home value search on the internet.

The internet provides an easy way for all home sellers to put a price tag on their homes for sale. They do it through what we know as "online home value estimator software". 

These sites boast of easy and fast results but that does not mean correct and accurate.

Yes. As an expert in real estate, I can say that those home value estimators are not giving your Pleasanton home the price it deserves!

Here’s why:

  • Home value estimators are not very accurate. 
  • Online instant home value sites can't see your house. 
  • Home value estimators  don't know what kinds of home improvements you have done. 

Home Value Estimators are not very accurate:

Remember those times in school where you tried to solve a problem as fast as you can and ended up getting the wrong answer? This is similar to automated home value estimators.

These computer programs, although quite amazing, actually have flaws in them. One is that they sacrifice accuracy for the sake of convenience.

Sites like these highly rely only on data gathered from the public, they also gather data from information of what has been reported to your county property tax assessor's office. 

So what happens if there is no data or if the data is not enough? Well, one thing’s for sure. That is the face of disappointment you’ll have when you see the inaccurate pricing when you put your house up for sale solely based on this data. 

Don’t rely too heavily on these free evaluation sites. If you look closely at the word “home value estimators”, you’ll find the word “estimators”.

They only “estimate”. Chances are, they’ll be estimating up, or worse, down.  But whatever the result may be, it’s a guarantee that they are not accurate.

Online instant home value sites can not see the inside of your house

How much can I put my Pleasanton Home in CA for sale for?

Of course they can’t! Although online home value estimators might be able to pull up information regarding your house and what’s inside, they won’t be able to see the whole picture.

What if you installed a new deck recently?

What if you updated the kitchen and all the appliances in it just yesterday?

Your Pleasanton home for sale will only be priced right if everything in it is considered, and more importantly, seen.

Home value estimators don't know what kinds of home improvements you have made

In order for you to be able to sell your Pleasanton home for the most amount of money in the shortest period of time, you will need to have the most accurate current market analysis ( CMA) on your property. 

Everything counts. Home improvements in areas like the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms matter. 

There’s no way that these home value estimators are monitoring every single thing that happens inside your home and the upgrades you have done.

Those are the reasons why I believe that home value estimators are not a good choice for you to depend on. Your home is a big investment, and we don’t want you to be let down. 

That’s where I come in. I am Rhonda Fee, your real estate expert from Pleasanton CA and I can help you sell your home for the price it deserves!

How Much Can I Sell My House For?

This is a question I get all the time. And I deal with each one differently because each house is unique and special, like your home.

Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale -  Counting lives not by years but by memories.

How are we able to aim for an accurate value of your home?

You spent time and invested in your home so it is fair to ask this question. Let’s consider these things before we put a price on your Pleasanton home for sale. How is your home structure?

Our tendency is to overlook some things when we see that they are already outdated or when they are no longer appealing.

When certain things do not utilize their usage, we may start disregarding them. We may even feel they have depreciated or lost their value.

The good news is, some people may think otherwise and will still find these things interesting or important.

Homes for Sale in  Pleasanton - The homes in  Pleasanton CA are ready for your visit.

The good thing about renovating is we are able to restore something old to a great state again.

This is where getting the service of an experienced REALTORⓇ, like me Rhonda Fee, is beneficial. I have the knowledge, skills and the eye to know the accurate worth of your home.

It is similar to sending our kids to school. We know we have the ability to teach them but we allow them to be taught by school teachers because we know these educators spent years in school to study their profession.

It is important to know that teachers still need to work hand in hand with parents. Same thing when you buy or sell your home. We still need to work together with you so we can get the result that you want.

Rest assured that having me means you’re being led in the right direction. These are some of the things you need to know from a real estate expert and personal home value estimator:

Does your home need remodeling?​

If it does, then that’s something you need to consider. Home remodels may cost you $20,000 to as much as $40,000 depending on how many square feet your home is.

The exterior of your home gives buyers the first impression on how they will view the interior. That is why you need to make the front entrance clean and inviting. Your door may be worn or faded and need to be repainted. Trim bushes and improve items that show signs of wear.

What do you need to repair?​

You need to give your home the proper grooming from lawn, landscaping, the planted trees that complement your home your carpets. Everything that we can see.

Clean the carpeting or replace it if needed. Repair sticking windows and doors, damaged cabinet drawers, loose knobs, and defective light switches. Check and repair clogged bathtubs and showers. Then take note if you upgraded your kitchen.

Next we will talk about comparable market prices. I can help you maximize your home’s value by preparing it before the open house.

One thing that we need to avoid i having your house on the market long. We need to give it a speedy sale. Do not worry, I will be with you on this meaningful milestone of your life.

Just let me know when you are ready to talk to me, Rhonda Fee. Call me at 925-200-0827.

What are Houses Like Mine in Pleasanton CA Selling For?

When you are considering putting your Pleasanton home up for sale, you have probably wondered how your home compares to the other homes being sold in your area.

Perhaps you have also wondered if you are putting the right price on your home.

Pleasanton CA Homes

Knowing the market in your area plays a big part in the calculation of your home’s equity. You don’t want to price it higher than other homes for sale or else it’ll sit around for years. However, you don’t want to price it lower than other homes and lose out on a good deal for your home. You need to have just the right price to attract buyers, while keeping your interests in check.

This means scoping out the comparables in your neighborhood. And the most effective way is to enlist the assistance of an expert real estate agent like me - Rhonda Fee.

As a professional real estate agent, I can give you a comparative market analysis or CMA, a report that shows you the comparable homes sold within the last 12 months in your neighborhood.

It also reflects the active homes for sale in Pleasanton and the pending list, homes that are sold but have not yet closed. And it also has the expired listings, homes that are not sold within the listing period.

Having the CMA as a resource is advantageous and beneficial because it can help you decide on the right amount to sell your home.

It is less hassle for you because you do not need to go to the different homes being sold in your area and interview the new owners. It ensures you have the updated and accurate information about the recent real estate transactions in your community.

With the information included in the CMA, you can correctly price your home.

Before proceeding to selling your home, here’s the latest sales and trends in Pleasanton.​

Pleasanton CA Home Value? - Learn the benefits of using the comparative market analysis for pricing your Pleasanton CA home.

This chart is taken from https://bayeast.org/community-info/community-info/pleasanton/ , the website of the association of REALTORS® in Pleasanton. It reflects the number of active listings, sold homes and pending units from April 2016 to April of this year.​

As you can see, since the start of this year, the number of homes being sold is higher than the number of active listings. As of last month, all listed 20 single family homes were sold!

This was not the case last year. From April to October, sales were a little slow, but rose suddenly in November and December.

If you look at the other charts and tables on the website, under the Housing Market Information Current Report, you will also see a favorable trend of home selling in Pleasanton.

This means if you sell your home now with the help of an experienced real estate agent, you have a very high chance of selling your home!

If you are in a hurry to put your Pleasanton home up for sale, now is the best time to do it. Contact me and together we can discuss the best price for your home.

What Do I Ask A Real Estate Agent in Pleasanton CA about Listing My Home for Sale?

Putting your Pleasanton home up for sale is a major decision.

Your home is probably your biggest financial investment. Entrusting one of the largest financial transactions you’ll make to a person you have only met a few times can be difficult. This is the reason many home sellers would rather work with an agent they know.

However, you should know that not all listing agents are equal.

When it comes to an important and major investment like your home, it must be placed in the hands of a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. The listing agent’s expertise should also be taken into account.

Be a proactive seller. Clarify things with your real estate agent. Ask questions. You want to ensure the sale of your Pleasanton home will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

To know more about the real estate agent and his/her plans to market your home, here are some questions you can ask.

a. Do you work part-time or full-time? Though there is nothing wrong with working with a part-time agent but you can expect more time and commitment from a full-time agent.

b. How long have you been working as a real estate agent in Pleasanton? The years of experience are less importance than the years working in the local market.

You want someone who knows Pleasanton’s real estate market like the back of their hand. Why? Because your home has a better chance of being sold successfully if the agent has been selling homes in the area for at least two years.

In my case, I have been working in the Pleasanton market for a long time. I became a licensed agent in 2004 and six years after, I got my broker’s license and opened my own business.

In 2014 and 2015, I received the Grand Master’s Achievement Award from the Bay East Association of Realtors. It is an award given only to the top real estate sellers in Pleasanton.

c. How will you market my home? This is a question all sellers MUST ask.

You want to know the specific plan of the agent to sell your home successfully. There should be a solid plan more than putting up the for sale sign in the yard, or producing flyers.

There are methods and techniques to market your Pleasanton home for sale, and some are more effective than others, so talk to your agent about the best methods to utilize.

d. How strong is your online presence? A strong online presence is crucial for a good listing agent.

These days, most buyers do online research before they actually begin visiting homes. If your real estate agent is not using the latest available technology, you should seriously consider switching to one who does.

You can also know more about the agent through the testimonials and reviews on their site. Google their name and see how well they do compared to other agents.

e. How does the selling process get from start to finish?

Part of being a proactive seller is knowing the details of the processes. There will be bumps along the way, but when you have a great real estate agent to guide you, and you have already learned what to anticipate, you and your real estate agent will manage well together.​

When you ask these questions to your real estate agent, you will have a better chance of successfully putting your Pleasanton CA home up for sale.

Should I get a home appraisal BEFORE selling my home?​

You've decided to put your Pleasanton CA home up for sale.

Pleasanton CA Home Value?

You've had a couple of real estate agents come by and provide you with your home's value based on the comparative market analysis (CMA). However, the prices you were given were drastically different from each other. Which one should you choose?

This is a common issue among many home sellers. You know you need to price your home right so it will sell successfully, but no two agent can give you the exact same price.

You've probably considered getting a third opinion, maybe from another real estate agent.

Or if you have extra money to spare, you may have thought of getting a home appraisal.

The benefit of home appraisal​

What is My Pleasanton CA Home Worth?

An appraisal determines the current market value of your home by sending a professional state licensed appraiser to check your home's physical properties.

The appraiser compares the sale of several similar real estate properties within a couple of miles from your home. He or she will then make adjustments based on the condition of the home, upgrades made, location etc.

One benefit of getting a home appraisal is you, as the home seller get an assurance of your Pleasanton home for sale's value.

Another benefit is knowing that the value was given by someone who is an expert and professional and who can back up that value by an appraisal report.

But should you get a home appraisal before listing your home?

I don't normally suggest getting a home appraisal before listing your home.

Here are my reasons why:

1. Before listing your home, an appraisal is just another opinion of your home's worth.

You can use your money however you want, but don't think the value will be transferrable to the buyer. The buyer will not use that appraisal because the lender will order another appraisal from their end. The appraisal, therefore, will only be for your use.

2. Appraisals are based on comparables of homes sold. But what if there are no recent sales in your area? The appraiser will then use old sales from last year, sometimes as far back as three or four years to get a good comparison. Sometimes, insufficient data can affect the appraiser's value, especially since he or she relies heavily on comparables.

You would be better off asking assistance from an experienced real estate agent like me, Rhonda Fee, since I can help determine your home's worth based on comps and market trend. Also, it is likely that since I may have already visited the home several times that I know more about the updates and changes.

3. Appraisals are subjective to appraisers, therefore, you will always get different value. Like with the two real estate agents, no two appraisers will give you the exact same price.

I can help determine your home in Pleasanton’s value using the CMA and it’s free!

4. Sometimes, you can get so stuck on the appraisal that you don’t want to negotiate because you expect the value from the appraisal.

There have been some occasions that the sellers I am helping refuse to consider a good price from a buyer because they wanted the value from their appraisal. Though you set the home's price, I hope you'll remember that it in the end, you'll have to mutually agree with the buyer when it comes to your home's value.

Getting an appraisal before listing your home really depends on you. If you have the money to spare, do it for your peace of mind, but also know it is not a necessity.

What Upgrades Do You Consider When Estimating the Value of My Home?

The quote “Everything has a price” may well be talking directly about your home.

These days, any home upgrades, even minor renovations, cost something. Therefore, it is only fair when you put your Pleasanton home up for sale, the upgrades should also be considered.

​When you are selling your home and you want to increase its value, you may consider getting renovations.

But before you start planning home renovations, there are three important principles you have to remember.

  • Choose the right upgrade. Anything and everything that you do in or out your home may raise your home’s price from the ‘average’ price of homes for sale in your area.

    What is its complication? If the renovation you choose will raise your home’s price to the “upper end” but your neighborhood does not exactly give the “high-end” feel, you may have a hard time selling your home.
  • Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale - Let Rhonda Fee, Pleasanton’s premier real estate agent, assist you in deciding  which  upgrades will bring high returns for your home for sale in Pleasanton CA.
    • Not all upgrades and renovations will bring you ROI. Different upgrades, improvements and renovations have different returns, however, when you are selling a home, there are some improvements that will have higher returns.

      These improvements are usually more on the “general maintenance” scale, simply because homeowners have different preferences, and what you like may not be what the new homeowners prefer.

      Improvements should be geared toward what would make the home “timeless” and “always in style”.
    • Don’t overspend. The idea of upgrading the home before selling it is to make it more enticing and marketable so you will have home buyers flocking to your door.

      You don’t need to overspend or borrow money to make your home more presentable.

    Here is a list of upgrades you can do that will not cost you too much, but will be considered when agents come in and appraise your Pleasanton home for sale.

    1. Landscape. The first thing people see when they visit your home is the landscape. This means everything you see outside your window when you look out.

    Window boxes, porch planters, and new mailboxes are considered in valuations, so improve and repaint them. If you don’t have them, buy some and install them. They not only make a house look cozy and more alive, they also bring color to the home.

    The fence, porch railings and front door are also part of the landscape, so fix them and give them a new coat of paint.

    Work on your lawn and garden. Remove any weeds. Get the grass as green as possible.​

    2. Insulation. An attic air seal and fiber glass installation has an ROI of 116/% upon resale, says the Chicago Tribune.​

    Some upgrades are meant to beautify, others to tighten the home’s shell. You may not see it, but when you look at your utility bill, you’ll know the value. Home seekers care about these things because it means fewer expenses for them.​

    3. Kitchen remodels. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and is often among the living spaces visited by potential buyers. A kitchen upgrade can be expensive, but it also has a high ROI.​

    Painting your kitchen is an improvement. New cabinets, kitchen fixtures and lights will also add value.​

    4. Basement renovations. Improving the basement means adding finished space to the home. It increases value because it converts a rarely used room into one that is usable.​

    You can convert your basement in your Pleasanton’s home for sale into a game room, a den, or a play area. Or you can leave it like that, and let the new owners decide how they want to use it.

    While these are the common ones that are usually looked at when deciding the value of a home, there are still many other upgrades out there.

    Don’t worry! Your real estate interests are my top priority. That is why upgrades you have, that might not be on this list will also be considered. :)​

    How Does Rhonda Fee Arrive at My Home’s Estimated Value?

    As a home seller, you want to be sure that your home is priced right before you list it. The last thing you want is to leave money on the table, or overprice your home. Doing any of these two things will lead to more problems, and you already have enough challenges and concerns on your plate.

    Pleasanton CA Homes for Sale

    To find out how much your Pleasanton CA home is worth, the best and closest price you can find for its market value will be from a real estate agent, or a REALTOR® like me.

    How do I come up with your home's estimated value?

    Real estate agents determine your Pleasanton CA’s home value by doing a comparative market analysis. A CMA is an analysis of recently sold homes in your area which can help set the price range for your home, just as you like to compare the prices of your favorite brands from different stores.

    What’s in a CMA and how can it help you? Since it is a real estate agent who prepare the CMA, you’ll likely find different items included in it, but here are some common things you should see.

    1. Recently sold properties. This contains the list of similar properties in the area sold with the past six months. The more recent the purchase, the better. It is important because it says what actual buyers pay for similar properties.

    2. Current real estate listings. This refers to a list of similar homes currently for sale in your neighborhood.

    It helps you get to know your competition better. You also get to know how much they priced their homes for. Take note, these homes’s prices are not likely to be the final price, so don’t base your pricing on current real estate listings.

    3. Pending sale listing. These are homes under contract. I don’t suggest you use the prices of homes under the pending sale listings because the deal is not over yet, and there are probably negotiations under way.

    4. Cancelled or withdrawn listings. These are homes that used to be on the market but for one reason or another have been taken off the market.

    Where does the CMA’s information come from? Experienced real estate agents know that to come up with the right valuation for your Pleasanton home, the data must come from the MLS (multiple listing service).

    The MLS is a database of homes already sold, homes for sale and homes under contract in a given area. It is only accessible to real estate agents. The MLS contains the most accurate record of square footage, number of bedrooms, and other home features you need to accurately compare homes.

    The following are some home features we consider in preparing the comparables:

    Age and condition of home. The year or era your home was built is a factor we look at when comparing properties. New homes are not necessarily more expensive, but how your home looks relative to its age does matter.

    Square footage. One of the features we look at is the similarity in square footage. In comparing two 2-story Colonial style homes for example, one of the things we check is if the homes are nearly similar size.

    Number of bedrooms and baths. These two are important determiners of a value of a home. If your home only has two bathrooms while the rest of the comparables have three, certain adjustments should be made in pricing.

    Amenities. The more amenities your home offers, the higher the price. Luxury amenities like top-of-the-line home appliances, spas and swimming pools make a huge difference in the home’s price.

    Location. The view outside your window can affect your home price. Your home may not be the best, but if it’s near a great school, on waterfront or on a cul-de-sac, your home’s value appreciates.

    I’m Rhonda Fee, broker owner of Aspire Realty licensed in the state of California. When you are my client, I handle you with the same care as if I were buying or selling a property for myself. I care about your success in buying or selling your Pleasanton, CA home. Sign up with me and let’s work together to make your real estate dreams come true! Call me now at 925-200-0827.

    Don't Forget...

    I am a full time real estate broker in the state of California in Pleasanton CA. I am here to help you get your real estate investments sold and to help you buy new investments here in this growing area. Whether you are living her full time and ready to retire or you have moved away from Pleasanton and rented out your property here--- it may be the right time to cash in on that rental or investment property. I specialize in working with absentee owners with a full support team, marketing department, home inspectors, repair crews and landscaping companies - all ready to step up to help you achieve your real estate and retirement goals! 

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