Top 5 Home Improvements for Your Del Prado Pleasanton Home for Sale

Top 5  Home Improvements for Your Del Prado Pleasanton Home for Sale

In welcoming the new year with your personal resolutions including keeping your finances organized or traveling to at least 5 different countries , have you ever thought about what home improvement projects you’ll make for your Del Prado Pleasanton home for sale? If you have, then here are some of the best ideas for home renovation and redecorating for 2016:

This 2016, build a brighter and better home by doing these simple steps!

Update your lighting fixtures.

Lighting is one of the ways to make your home look fresher, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Replace old and worn out fixtures & light bulbs with energy-efficient ones to help you conserve on your energy bills. Popular in the 1980’s, brass is now very outdated. If you’re buying new lamps for various parts of the home, make sure to incorporate the overall look and theme of the room into your lamps to make sure  the entire design of the space is consistent. Overhead lighting might be an option in replacing for floor lamps, allowing more space in your rooms.

Make security a priority.

If you haven’t already, invest in a quality home security system for your home for sale in Del Prado Pleasanton. This ensures that you feel safer when you and your family go out of town for a week or if you’ll be leaving the kids at home with a babysitter. Make sure to also replace the batteries on your smoke detector and fire alarms.

Replace your windows and doors.

Another way to improve your home without having to spend a lot of your hard earned money is by replacing your doors and windows. Air leaks from your doors and windows are basically eating up a lot of dollars on your energy bill. Instead of paying the added expense on your bills, why not invest in new materials for your doors and windows which will also improve the look of your home. Allot an entire weekend or a week for this project, as this depends on the size of your home and the number of doors or windows you have to replace.

Start the New Year right by doing these renovations in your very own home in Del Prado Pleasanton!

Renovate the bath.

While some homeowners opt to remodel their kitchens, experts suggest that if you don’t have a big budget for home improvement, opt to renovate your bathroom instead. This is a place in the house which you and your entire family use everyday, as well as guests in your home,  so it should be high on your home improvement list.

Fix any leaky faucets, update the tiles, replace lights, add double vanities, change the shower head, and more.

Waking up every morning in your updated bath, you’ll definitely feel refreshed and ready to take on the day after spending a luxurious shower in your newly-renovated bathroom.

Organize your garage.

Most garages can easily become a storage space for clutter. To improve your house for sale in Del Prado Pleasanton, organize your space starting with the garage.

Add a fresh coat of paint, install new shelves, add a few cabinets, and throw away all the items that have been left unused for the past three years. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Home improvement projects need not be as complicated and weigh on your pocketbook. By simply incorporating some of these top tips, you’ll soon go home at the end of a stressful work day to a home you’ll definitely enjoy and you’re glad to call your own. For even more 2016 tips for savvy homeowners, visit

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