Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Home Before Selling

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Is staging necessary?

Selling your home is a big decision. It entails intensive planning and preparation.

Among the many considerations you have to make when you are selling your Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home is whether to stage it or sell it empty.  If it is your first time to sell a home, you may think of staging as an additional burden. It’s going to take time and money, both of which you may be running out of.

So why stage?

It takes only a few seconds for a homebuyer to decide whether he likes the home or not. Staging your Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home showcases its best features and appeals to the buyers emotions which increase the possibility of the buyer falling in love with it. After all, buying a home is an emotional thing.

Not yet convinced? Here are the five top reasons you should stage your home.

1. It will sell your home fast. When you want to sell your home quickly, stage it.  In a 2013 study conducted by RESA, it found out that homes that are staged sell 73% faster than their non-staged counterparts. Staging makes everything better – from the marketing photos and videos, to the feeder sites, to printed materials like flyers and brochures. Well-staged homes look amazing in online photos and flyers, but more importantly, they make your home attractive to buyers which creates interest and excitement about your home, increasing its likelihood of selling.

2. It justifies your price. When you have a beautifully staged home, it is easier to ask for a higher price. Remember, a buyer will pay only what they think your home deserves. Upgrades are part of staging, and well-chosen updated appliances can increase your home’s listing price. 

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3. It makes the house larger. Maybe you’ve heard of the expression “Empty rooms look smaller”. Rooms look bigger when they are furnished because you can see how many pieces of furniture it can fit inside, thus giving you a reference of what you can put. Staging is all about arranging furniture to create maximum space.

4. It helps buyers imagine themselves in the house. Staging includes de-personalizing the home. When buyers visit your home and see your personal items still all over the place, it can be difficult for them to see themselves fitting in your home. Removing your personal items and replacing it with something neutral helps buyers better visualize themselves enjoying the comforts of the Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home you are selling.

5. It will help you bag the “amazing first impression”.  Staging comprises of two parts - indoor and outdoor. It follows that a well-staged home has exceptional curb appeal, which is visible when people see your home from the street. It is what draws buyers to your home. A staged home looks more appealing and is more attractive to buyers.

You’ve probably heard many agents and Realtors® say “You will never get another chance to make a good first impression”. This describes accurately how necessary it is to pretty up your home.

Highlight your home’s best features. Show buyers your home’s potential. Stage your home before selling it.

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