Top 5 Incentives That Will Sell Your Shadow Cliff Home Faster

Top 5 Incentives That Will Sell Your Shadow Cliff Home Faster

In real estate, incentives can be a great way to motivate buyers looking for homes for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton. They can help encourage a prospective buyer to take the plunge and make an offer on your home. It can also help increase the interest in your property.

Even though we are still in a seller’s market at this time, there maybe some needing to sell in a hurry.  These tips should be approved by the buyer’s lender prior to any formal agreements. Some lenders allow only a certain amount of credits to the buyer.

Here are a few ideas of seller incentives that you can use to spice up the deal and talk over with your trusted REALTOR® together with the answer to your query, “What’s my home worth in Pleasanton CA?”

1. HOA dues credit

Homeownership entails a lot of responsibilities and buyers looking for homes may be overwhelmed with all the list of expenses that they have to shoulder. These include mortgage, property taxes, and insurance. Another added expense that they need to take on and pay on a regular basis is the homeowners’ association (HOA) fees.  As an incentive, you can offer a credit at closing that covers the buyer’s HOA fees for 6 months, a year, or even longer, depending on how much you are willing to shell out. Talk with your trusted agent about this incentive option and which strategy would work best for you.

2. Inspection or compliance work

Before funding a buyer’s loan, some lenders usually might require home inspections. Most of the time, these inspections are paid by the buyer. However, they are almost always negotiable. As a seller, you can secure a quicker sale by offering to pay for inspections and compliance work up to a reasonable amount.  This is also applicable to any necessary repairs that need attending to as revealed in the home inspection report.

3. Closing cost credit

With most home loans, buyers have to come up with an extra 3% of the loan amount, in cash and on top of their down payment, to cover closing costs such as loan fees, escrow service, and title or mortgage insurance. Offering a closing cost credit will be a great financial help to buyers.  You can indicate in your home’s listing and marketing materials the offer to pay a credit of buyer’s closing costs. The purpose of this closing credit is to defray the buyer’s closing cost, which can be really appealing to potential buyers. Your agent can help you run the numbers on the credit you can afford to offer, together with coming up with an overall package on your home sale.

4. Allowance

If your property needs a makeover but you do not have the money to execute the project yourself, you can consider giving the buyer an allowance as an incentive. This allowance refers to the credit awarded to the buyer to compensate for accepting a home’s flaws. These defects may include worn out carpets, plumbing failures, or poor drainage.

5. Pre-paid utilities

Another incentive that can help sell Shadow Cliff Pleasanton homes for sale quicker is by offering pre-paid utilities. For buyers, adjusting to a new mortgage payment can be difficult in the beginning. You can help make it easier by offering to pre-pay utilities over a certain period of time. This may include payments for gas, electricity, cable TV, and internet services.

Check out today for more home selling ideas and for a free market evaluation of your home in Shadow Cliff.

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