Sellers Beware: Check out the Top Turn Offs for Buyers!

Sellers Beware: Check out the Top Turn Offs for Buyers!

As a seller,  you need to keep your house free of common issues that could send prospective buyers of homes for sale in Birdland Pleasanton CA running for the doors.

Be mindful of these 6 things that can ruin the showing of your Birdland Pleasanton home.

Don’t be complacent, but do everything to make your home more desirable. While you are at it, it would be helpful to know the things that turn off prospective buyers.

Here are 6 big-time turn-offs that make buyers cringe at the thought of purchasing your home.

Pets and their stuff

For most homebuyers, the most offensive odor is from your pets. You can spray all you want but it won’t completely cover up the smell.  Pet odor is the hardest smell to remove and can sometimes even seep into hardwood floors below.

In addition, seeing a dirty kitty litter box or a dog bone when viewing Birdland Pleasanton CA homes for sale can also be a turn off.

To avoid turning off potential buyers, ask a friend or a relative to watch over your furry friends during the entire time your home is on the market if at all possible. No one loves pets more than me, but unfortunately, they can be offensive to some buyers.

Toys and baby supplies

Home buyers who have children will understand how hard it is to keep a home clean with children in the house. However, not all prospective buyers are parents so it is better to ensure that all toys have a home in a toy chest or closet. If you have a newborn, always remember to take out dirty diapers. Keep the feeding bottles out of buyers’ sight too.

Untidy kitchen

When viewing real estate for sale in Birdland Pleasanton CA, buyers love to see the accessibility and spaciousness of the kitchen! Dishes in the sink can make your counter space look smaller and your kitchen, in general, look messy.

Avoid this by creating a special drawer or cabinet for things that you used on a regular basis, but needs to be stashed away.

Messy bathrooms

A clean and sparkling bathroom is very refreshing to buyers! Messy bathrooms and dirty toilets are sure to turn home buyers away.

Makeup, perfumes, and other grooming items should be stored under the counter. Ensure that no hair is on the tub and the toothpaste smears have been wiped out of the sink. As for the toilet, keep it clean always and never forget to keep the lid down.


While wallpaper was extremely popular in years past, that era is gone. This generation of buyers will see wallpaper as a choir they have to handle. It is timely and messy to remove, so take the time to remove and repaint prior to showing the home so the prospective buyer never has to put it on their list of things they don’t like about your home.

Poor curb appeal

When it comes to selling homes, appearance counts. The first-glance impression of a house is called curb appeal. An attractive exterior can make or break a home sale. In addition to that, the way your house looks from the street — attractively landscaped and well-maintained — can add thousands to its value and cut the time it takes to sell. It’s a big mistake not to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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