Pleasanton  Homes $600,000 - $799,000

There are only a few single family homes for sale in Pleasanton for $600,00 - $799,000. The price of homes in this community is steadily increasing. Ten to twenty years ago, you would have been able to buy two good-sized family homes for this price range. Now, you would be hard-pressed to find a Pleasanton home for sale below $700,000. If there are ever such homes, they would be older fixer upper homes on small lots. Single family homes for this price range usually have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but they require some repairs or replacement. You can find some of these homes near the downtown area. However, you will find that this price range offers a wide selection of condos, town homes, and duplex. You have to be on the ball because these town homes sell fast! Pleasanton condos and town homes for sale offer two - three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Most condos priced $600,000 and above are in good locations close to shopping and dining options. A few of them are even minutes away from the downtown area. You can find some town homes with patios, others with a pleasant-sized front yard and backyard. Town homes priced above $690,000 have undergone renovations and boasts of newly installed amenities like a deck and air conditioning. Pleasanton condos and townhomes for sale in the price range of $600,000 - $799,000 are located in subdivisions with nice amenities like pool, tennis courts and playground. You can have a comfortable and convenient home in a condo or town home for this price range, but the same cannot be said for a single family home. 

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