Pleasanton  Homes $400,000 - $599,000

You are not going to find a single family home in Pleasanton for $400,000 - $500,000. You can, however, find some nice condos and a few town houses. Pleasanton is a sought-after community, so homes (or in this case, condos and town homes) in this area do not stay in the market long.

A few of these condos and town homes are located in downtown Pleasanton, but most of them are within the three-mile radius of the downtown area. Here in Pleasanton, whether you buy a condo or a town home, it would surely come with a view. Most of the condos in Pleasanton priced between $400,000 -$599,000 have a balcony that overlooks a scenic view of this community, which Pleasanton has plenty.

From the comforts of your home, you get to enjoy either a park view, a ridge view, a city view or a view that overlooks Arroyo de Laguna. Amenities common to many of the condos and town homes for sale in Pleasanton are the community pool, playground and park. Some Pleasanton condos for sale have two bedrooms and two baths.

Some of them have garages or carport that can accommodate two cars. Located in tree-lined streets, these town homes offer comfort and security to its residents. But the best feature of these Pleasanton condos and town homes are their proximity to downtown, where you can enjoy all the conveniences this city offers without having to travel far.

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