How to Sell Your Birdland Pleasanton Home to Millennial Buyers

How to Sell Your Birdland Pleasanton Home to Millennial Buyers

Selling your home to millennials looking for homes for sale in Birdland Pleasanton CA can be quite a challenge. This young generation of buyers are driving a lot of change to industries, including real estate. If you want to attract their attention, you need to work with an experienced agent who knows how to deal with these tech-savvy buyers.

Here are other consideration when selling your home to millennials.    

1. Make sure your home has eco friendly materials

Eco-friendly materials and lifestyle choices are on the list of the millennials’ must-haves when looking for Birdland Pleasanton CA homes for sale. Having readily available materials like bamboo in flooring and wood with Forestry Stewardship Certification (FSC) in kitchen and bath cabinets can be your home’s selling points. These materials are always available since they grow faster compared to other types of wood. Homes with energy efficient heating and cooling is more attractive to millenial homebuyers since they are more aware of the benefits (lower energy bill and more eco-friendly).

2. Make sure you have an updated kitchen and bath

Millennials would certainly fall for a home with new kitchen and bath fixtures. Since millennials are younger buyers with mostly limited budgets,  they cannot afford to dish out a lot of money to update these areas and would prefer  homes with kitchens and baths that are already updated.

3. Make sure you have a kitchen with an open floor plan

Millennials looking for real estate for sale in Birdland prefer homes with big kitchens and open floor plans. For these younger buyers, the kitchen is not just a space for preparing meals; it is also a great hangout place. Millennials want an open space that allows them to transition from the kitchen to the TV room. They also prefer an open floor plan over a layout that compartmentalizes the home. For them, compact, well-designed “open concept” and “connected” floor plans are the order of the day. To increase the desirability of your home, consider removing walls and adding a center island with room for stools.

4. Millennials want efficient, smaller spaces

Back in the day, huge mansions were status symbols for successful baby boomers. Today, these younger generation of buyers reject size over efficient use of space. In fact, a large home may be a turn-off to them. Millennials do not want to be in separate parts of the home and rarely see the other members of the family. Talk with your real estate agent. With good planning based on key trends and the right updates, you can attract the attention of millennial home buyers.

5. Make sure your home is low maintenance

Millennial buyers are looking for homes that are low maintenance. This generation of younger buyers prefer low-upkeep features such as wood floors and granite countertops because these are attractive and relatively hassle-free. They want a home with low maintenance materials to make home maintenance a breeze. Unlike their parents who enjoy cleaning gutters or cutting grass, younger buyers are not too keen on doing chores on the weekend. They want their weekend to themselves.

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