Essential Tips for Shadow Cliff Pleasanton CA First-Time Homebuyers

Essential Tips for Shadow Cliff Pleasanton CA First-Time Homebuyers

You’ve finally made the decision to buy your very own home for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton. What should you do now?

These pointers will teach you what to do to ensure a smooth transaction when you buy your very own home in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton.

Before you get started with all the house hunting, attending open houses, or taking a tour of neighborhoods, there are a few things you, as a first-time homebuyer should take care of first.

From checking your finances to meeting with real estate agents, here are essential tips that you can follow to help make the entire home buying experience a pleasant experience.

Determine how much home you can afford.

Just because you have enough savings for the down payment & closing costs for a new home, there are other fees to keep in mind.

These fees range from home inspection costs, to minor repairs, to property taxes, insurance, homeowner’s association dues, and more. It is imperative that you are financially ready for the entire purchase.

A mortgage lender will help you calculate your overall monthly payments and check just how you can fit your mortgage payment into your scenario. They can check your credit and get you pre-approved for a mortgage. This should be completed before you start your search for a Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home for sale. Any reputable agent will be happy to provide you with names of great lenders.

Hire a local real estate agent to work with and for you.

A Realtor® can help make the entire home buying process easier for you. Finding an agent who knows the area well is best. A local agent can provide you all the information you need to make a better home buying decision.

Your chosen real estate agent can tell you about all the homes available for sale in the area of your choosing, the average price of these homes for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton CA and provide you advice about an appropriate offer for the home of your choosing.

Make sure to find a real estate agent that complements your needs; someone who is a good communicator and listener, proactive about your needs, and is not afraid to give their past 20 clients as references.

Consider these homebuying tips before looking for your dream home in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton.

Decide what specific features you desire in your Shadow Cliff neighborhood Pleasanton CA home.

What are your non-negotiables? Must the home strictly have 3-bedrooms, a separate dining room, a family room with fireplace, or an outdoor deck?

While it’s good to have some flexibility when it comes to your dream home features, you also need to be firm on what specific features are a must for you and your family.

Determine what these features and amenities are in the neighborhood where you’re looking to buy a home. Your dream home for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton CA should be able to fit both your needs and wants as much as possible.

The more you educate yourself about the entire home buying process, the better your chances are in finding the home that fits your needs. By following these simple tips, you’ll surely find that purchasing a home is not as stressful and nerve-wracking as you may have originally thought. Get the home you want at a price you can afford with the help of a top real estate agent in Pleasanton CA. Find even more home buying tips and check out homes for sale by visiting

If you are looking for a Pleasanton CA REALTOR® who can help you sell or buy your dream luxury home, call me, Rhonda Fee, at 925-200-0827. You can also text 925-660-7110 with any of these codes: seller411, buyer411 or homesearch. With my extensive experience and knowledge of the Pleasanton luxury real estate market, combined with a track record of satisfied clients, your next transaction will be the best move you’ve ever made!

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