9 Secrets for an Earth-Friendly Shadow Cliff Pleasanton Home in 2016

9 Secrets for an Earth-Friendly Shadow Cliff Pleasanton Home in 2016

Have you already thought of your New Year’s resolutions? I mean apart from the common “eat healthy”, “increase your savings account” or “live more mindfully”, have you ever thought of applying these resolutions to your home for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton?

This coming 2016, set a new goal of making your Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home more earth-friendly by following these wonderful tips!

Some people’s New Year’s resolutions for their home include paying their mortgage on time, de-cluttering the home, or remodeling a room, but have you thought of “make my home more earth-friendly” as a possible goal for the coming year? If you have and you’re already thinking of ways to make that happen, here are some helpful tips to guide you into turning your home more “green” for 2016:

1. Replace old light bulbs. Look for energy-efficient bulbs that brighten the room without using too much energy. Certain newer bulbs such as LED, halogen & CFL’s can use 25% – 80% less energy. These can have a longer lifespan; from 3 to 25 years longer! Yes, the cost is more, but imagine not needing to change bulbs nearly as often, while at the same time, making your house more green!

2. Get rid of the toxins. Unfortunately most of us do have toxic products around our homes. When cleaning your home, opt for cleaners that are non-toxic and are made with natural and organic products.

To dispose of your toxins, research your local county website for household toxic disposal services. Most counties have a free drop off for such items for residents of their county.

3. Buy local. When stocking your fridge, aim for buying locally grown food that is in season. This act helps boost the local farming industry while you and your family get to enjoy fresh, delicious food at home. Check to see if your local city has a Farmer’s Market. Pleasanton, CA has a Farmer’s Market each Saturday, rain or shine from 10 am – 1 pm.

4. Fix all the leaky faucets. Once or twice a year, residents of houses for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton come across a leaky faucet or two which might have been fixed with some band-aid solution, such as a sealant.

Take some time to work on completely fixing the problem by replacing the broken and leaking pipes. This way, you don’t waste water and at the same time get rid of the leaking “drip, drip” noises that can keep you up at night. A local handyman can often make these types of repairs.

5. Start composting. If you start composting today, turning your food wastes into rich mulch, you’ll soon have enough compost just in time for preparing your garden for spring.

Have you considered making your Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home more energy-efficient? Here are ideas to help you start.

If choosing to compost, be mindful of your pets as your compost pile can be harmful to them.

6. Maximize the flow of natural light into your home. Before turning on another light, simply pull the curtains open to allow the stream of natural light fill the space. Natural light will even make you feel happier!

7. Unplug all electronic appliances when not in use. Just because your computer is on sleep mode doesn’t mean it’s not using any energy while it’s still plugged in.

Shutting your computer down is the best way to limit energy.  Do this for all your appliances that are not in use.

8. Ditch the plastic. Did you know that the average plastic bottle needs at least 450 years to completely degrade? If you can, opt for a reusable bag when you need to do the groceries or when you go shopping or for any food takeouts.

9. Research solar panels. Another way to help cut the energy costs of your Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home while helping to preserve the environment is through solar energy.

Talk to a solar energy expert today to learn more about harvesting solar power for daily use. This may or maynot be the right choice for your home for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton, but why not check it out?

As you welcome the new year with high hopes for a brighter and more sustainable future, start with your home. For even more tips to make your home more energy-efficient for 2016, visit http://www.HomeValuesPleasanton.com/.

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