7 Surprising Factors That Can Lower the Value of Your Home

Check out these 7 simple things that can lower your home's value.

7 Surprising Factors That Can Lower the Value of Your Home

Selling your home to buyers looking for Pleasanton CA homes is a challenging feat. It is normal for you to have lots of questions. One of the most important questions that you have to answer is “What’s my home value in Pleasanton CA?”

Aside from being aware of the things that could add worth to your home, it is also helpful to know the things that could reduce its value.

Here are some factors that could devalue your home:

Having a crazy exterior color

When it comes to real estate, the importance of curb appeal cannot be undermined. Do not settle for a paint color that is not common in your neighbourhood. You must also avoid using colors that do not fit the style of your home.

A few years back, a listing of mine was a salmon/pink color. It was not attractive, although it may have been at one time.  The new owners immediately changed the color to an earthtone that suited the house very well. Had the sellers made that change prior to going on the market, chances are they might have had a few more offers on the home in a quicker amount of time.

Neglecting your entryway

When buyers come to view your home, one of the first things that will welcome them is your entryway. Make sure your front door looks clean and that it works properly. If you let your entryway languish, buyers will feel uneasy. They will already be on high alert even before they view the entire home as they think about what else has been neglected in your home.

Expecting big returns on a pool

If you spend a fortune putting in a new pool, it is normal for you to hope that you will get back the value when you sell your home. While swimming pools are a necessary luxury in many parts of the country, there are still areas where having a pool can make the value of your home take a dip. Pools require constant maintenance, which may not appeal to some buyers. Safety is another pool-related issue. Families with young children do not want the “what-ifs” that pool represents.

This doesn’t mean you should fill-in your pool. It does however mean that a pool will not appeal to everyone. The person looking for Pleasanton CA homes for sale with a pool was likely searching out that feature ahead of time.

Skimping on an AC system

Avoid making the mistake of neglecting your AC system. Be aware if your current system is adequate for your home’s size. It will not only increase the value when you sell your home, it will also reduce your power bill while you are still living in your home.

Neglecting the small stuff

Never forget that buyers see details. Make sure to keep up with cleaning and maintaining the windows. Ensure that the light switches work and check if the garbage disposal runs properly. Remember that these small things show that the house has been well maintained.

Having nasty and noisy neighbors

When looking for a home, potential buyers are often advised to visit it at all times of the day and more than a few times. There have been many situations where living near a bad neighbor can lower a home value by 5-10%.

Noise is also one of the biggest property value killers. As a seller, you should be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood and how your neighbor’s behavior can affect your home’s value.

Most of the time you cannot change the neighbor’s’ behavior, but setting your expectations correctly regarding pricing is key.

Right pricing from the start

Pricing your home incorrectly from the start is a fast way to cost yourself money.  Having an experienced real estate agent help with the pricing decision can make your home stand out from the rest of the competition. Asking for a “Free market evaluation for my home in Pleasanton CA” is simple.

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