6 Ways You Can Sell Your Del Prado Home Faster in the Spring

6 Ways You Can Sell Your Del Prado Home Faster in the Spring

Spring is a great time for your Del Prado Pleasanton home for sale since many homebuyers are ready to look for their dream home after the winter months.

Prepare your Del Prado Pleasanton home for a great showing this spring by following these solid tips!

You should make your Del Prado Pleasanton home stand out from the rest, since you’ll likely have some competition on the market come springtime.

Here are 6 tips to sell your home this spring:

1. Beautify your yard.

After a long winter, your yard can look dirty and cluttered with leaves and debris. Make sure to clean your yard. If it is already clean, beautify your yard by placing flowers and other colorful plants. Remember that your yard is one of the first things that buyers will see and it will be the basis for their first impression of your home.

2. Improve your porch and patio.

Aside from the yard, your porch or patio is another factor in enticing buyers to fall in love with your home. Spring is a great time to lounge on the patio or porch and enjoy the California weather , so make sure to make some improvements and keep it attractive for potential buyers.

3. Spring Cleaning.

Spring cleaning takes on a deeper meaning if you are doing it to attract more potential buyers to sell your Del Prado Pleasanton home for sale. Homebuyers will be able to visualize themselves living in your home better if it is free of clutter and personal items. It’s also a great time to get rid of old stuff and items you haven’t used for a long time.

Instead of throwing them away, why not sell or donate them? A friend once said as she was cleaning out her closet and trying to decide whether to keep something or give it away, she would ask herself, “Does this bring me joy?” She felt great relief having allowed herself permission to get rid of unwanted items.

4. Boost your curb appeal.

A simple power wash on the sidewalk and the sides of the house can greatly improve its curb appeal, making your home look cleaner from the outside and stand out from the rest.

When a buyer walks up to a recently cleaned home, they will be much more enticed to come in and check out your home for sale. If you don’t have a power washer, you can just rent one for a small fee instead of buying one.

5. Let the light in.

Buyers love to step in a house that feels light and airy. Cleaning winter windows in the spring will give a great pop of light into the house when windows and curtains are open to let the sunlight brighten up your home. Fresh spring air makes your home more inviting.

6. Get a home inspection.

With the help of your Pleasanton real estate agent, you can hire a professional home inspector to check for possible damages and problems that you might have missed.  

Property inspectors can see what the normal homeowner may not and may be able to spot structural defects, problems in the foundation of your home and potential problems behind walls and with the plumbing or vents.

Once you get the inspection report, you can do repairs before selling your home. Buyers who find lots of problems with the home might either negotiate for a lower price or just walk away from if they get the impression they would have to spend more for repairs. Home sellers might consider having all the major problems fixed before showing the home.

These 6 tips do not cost much but go a long way in helping you sell your house for sale in Del Prado Pleasanton.

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