6 Easy Ways to Give Your Pleasanton CA Home a Modern Look

Here are 6 surefire ways you can give your Pleasanton CA home a more modern look.

6 Easy Ways to Give Your Pleasanton CA Home a Modern Look

As you think about “What’s my home worth in Pleasanton CA?,” giving your home a modern look before showing it to buyers can help sell it faster and for the best price. However, without the right knowledge, modernizing your home can become a challenging feat. No need to worry for help is here! Read on for some simple ways to bring your home up to date.

1. Analyze your home’s present condition

Before you ask your trusted real estate agent, “What’s my home value in Pleasanton CA?” and start giving modern touches to your home, make sure that you have checked your home’s current condition first. Analyze and observe which areas of your house need modernizing. Try not to get tricked by the appearance of the furniture and appliances.  They can lead you to believe that the home needs more work than it actually does. Test the condition of the walls. If it is made with gypsum board and studs, a simple light patching of holes and updating of paint color may suffice. Concentrate on the house itself and not on your belongings inside.

2. Look for modern home detailing

To get ideas on how to update your home, flip through your favorite home magazine. You may also visit home decorating websites for more samples of modern looks and styles. Adding simple details such as replacing yellow light switch plates can modernize your home. Changing them to white or a matching decor color will also instantly give your home a modern day look and feel.

3. Use the right home accessories

The right home accessories can help create a positive first impression for buyers. They can also give a fresh look to your space. You can create a more relaxing environment by replacing the large carpets with smaller ones. This will also allow buyers to see your wooden or expensive stone floor. Do not forget to get rid of all unnecessary house trimmings. You may also refurbish your windows by trimming it on either side to get a wide modern window.

4. Use modern lights

Another simple way to give your home a modern look is by adding bright, light colors for your living room. This will make the space look wider and bigger. For your bedroom, make use of dim lights to create a comfortable and romantic ambience. You can finish the modern look by going for broad lighting. Just add white paintings with a combination of bright colors such as yellow, blue, green, and aqua.

5. Stick with solids

Looking for a safe way to modernize your home in Pleasanton? Consider sticking with solids rather than fussy intricate patterns. Use texture – mixed metals and finisher – and shapely furniture to add interest and keep the pattern to a minimum. When selling your pleasanton home, less is more! Show off your space, not your furniture!

6. Let the sun shine in

For modern homes, the rule is the bigger the windows, the better. Having large, expansive windows with simple or no window coverings will allow buyers to view the gardens and other outdoor views. These large windows also add color and openness to the home.

Remember to ask for your “free market evaluation for my home in Pleasanton CA,” decide with your real estate agent on a competitive price, and follow these simple tips to modernize your space, you will surely catch the eye of the right buyer soon.

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