Shadow Cliff Pleasanton Homes- Your Top 5 Favorite Must Have’s!

Shadow Cliff Pleasanton Homes- Your Top 5 Favorite Must Have’s! 

After years of dreaming of the perfect home for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton, you’ve finally moved into your dream home. As you fill the space with your favorite appliances, furniture, and other mementos to truly make the space “yours,” don’t forget to include these five pieces of must-have items:

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1. Premium quality mattress for a large sized bed.

Picture going home from work to eat dinner and take a shower, tired and definitely drained of energy. You leave your bags on the floor, take your shoes off, and head to the master bedroom where a luxurious bed, fit for royalty, and a comfortable and cozy mattress awaits you. You throw yourself on your bed, bury yourself under the covers and get all warm and cozy, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Quality bedding can help you feel instantly relaxed, which is why it’s an investment that’s worthy of your hard-earned money.

2. A sofa that’s big enough for your living room.

Whether you’re entertaining or simply watching TV with family and friends, a sofa is one of the most used furniture pieces in the home. Because of this, it’s prone to everyday wear and tear, which makes an inexpensive sofa last for about 5 years.

Now that you’re starting to fill your space with furniture, invest in a quality sofa that can last you for decades. Also, keep in mind that sofas are considered by design experts as the living room’s anchoring point – it helps to begin a design foundation for the overall look and feel of your house for sale in Shadow Cliff Pleasanton.

3. Get a sturdy set dining room set made of quality materials.

Much like your sofa and bed, a dining room table is another piece of furniture that’s in used nearly every day, making it as much prone to wear and tear as a sofa.

Perfect for the homeowner fond of throwing parties or entertaining guests, a quality dining room set is a worthwhile investment that can last your for decades. Try to set a budget for a set worth keeping!

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4. A beautiful set of professional cookware.

If you’ve listed “eat healthy” or “save money” in your goals for this new year, then a professional cookware set is the solution to help you achieve these goals.

Having your own set of efficient cookware will inspire you to create sumptuous homemade dishes that you can take with you to work. Once you’ve established a cooking-at-home routine, it’s easier to resist dining out with family and friends, helping you save even more money in the long run.

5. A piece of art.

Be it a painting or a sculpture for your Shadow Cliff Pleasanton home decor, artwork is an investment piece.

Whether your design preferences are avant garde or classic, the value of an original painting, sculpture, or drawing grows over time. As a tangible commodity, the collectors of art pieces get the most value for their money compared to the artists themselves. So if you can, fill your home with an original pieces and build your very own art collection over the years.

Be wise about your purchases and invest your hard-earned money into these suggested pieces that help to make your home luxurious and profitable at the same time. If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect home  go to today.

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